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This is another animation that we do with a lot of love, subscribe to be one of the crew.
After a long time of effort, at last we done this chapter largely required.
Please accept our apologies, but we want to make a lot of stuff for you and is hard sometimes.
I hope you like it, you know we love you all, and im still here for all of you and watch the comments they make me so happy.
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Gugarts of team Hornstromp is the artist of this video.
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Brawl Stars is a freemium multiplayer mobile arena fighter/party brawler/shoot 'em up video game developed and published by Supercell.
You have different game modes and characters to choose from that you will get as you play.
Get gems, defend, attack and many more things is what awaits you in this fantastic game.
#brawlstars #parody #supercell
This is not official material, just fan art made by Hornstromp series,
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  • 이젠 어몽어스가 더 재밌죠....

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  • Maybe these skins should be in brawl starrs

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  • 2:25 la pose del equipo rocket LOL

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  • Sandy who is sandy Lengendary?!?!?

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  • I like it 1:30 😁

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  • Goblin barel in brawl start what the fak goblun barel in the clash royale what

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  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaqqqqqqqwwwrtuip

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  • me encanto mas que tu vieja quien lo ve en 2030 xd en 2020 digamen :P

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  • Robot 🤖 scared 😱 is one moment ended 😰

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  • Go to 3:18 RICARDO MILOS?!?!

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  • black cat?

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  • Why subersel dont have this skins this great skins

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  • Piper x rico Sandy x :(

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  • Piper×Sandy Best

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  • 4:57 Gaara

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  • 4:57 gaara sandy

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  • 3.18 have ricardo millonez :D

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  • Tamam abi ben 8907542258

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  • 3:15 robot ricardo hahhahahahaah

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  • 4:58 Naruto!!

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  • 5:03 пасибо за Гаару

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  • Me encanto el personaje de naruto que era el del desierro

  • I liked the doctor strange one

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    • CIAO AND

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  • yeah the black cat is nita

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  • I totally don’t ship them two together

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  • Wait I didnt know there was like Robot ricardo!

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  • А 4псбчрипюмп

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  • No sabía que avia un Ricardo milos en el juego 3:18

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  • Did anyone noticed that the sandy of the desert is gara

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    • (Naruto)

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  • New skins 6 please

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  • Buenísimo Aunque el que más me gustó Fue el De Sandy Desert Literalmente Es el pelirrojo Si sejas Huérfano De Naruto

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    • H6u3777y3633yy3y6y6

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  • New sikins leon+crow

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  • Sandy x lion forever uwur

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